If you have the slightest interest in chainsaw carving, you’ve probably noticed and admired a Harry Thomas chainsaw carving. His striking works can be found in four continents and have been featured on TV. 


Originally trained as a silversmith, Harry worked for some years as a tree surgeon in his native Wales. Twenty-seven years ago, he picked up a chainsaw and kick-started an illustrious. career as a wood carver. Since then, he has developed a highly successful, family run business based in the rural splendour of mid-Wales. He has won competitions and earned commissions from all over the world, including from the Queen and Prince Philip.


For Harry, carving is fine art and his chainsaw is his paintbrush. Although comfortable with all manner of subjects, he specialises in carving animals and his inspiration is the wildlife around him. For a piece to truly work, he says, he must capture the spirit of the animal. He also has the deepest respect for his medium; he believes that one of his most important tasks is to bring the wood back to life. And you can see this as the material he works with is transformed into a hare, say, with eyes that you think can really see, or a stag whose breath you can almost feel.