Danny Thomas was born to the sound of the chainsaw. The chisel was his first tool and by the time he was ten he was selling his sculptures along side his father the world-famous  Harry Thomas..
Danny has carved out a life for himself as world class chainsaw artist and has not looked back. He has carved along side the best carvers in the world and with ease changing his medium from wood to ice as the brief takes him.
To be handed the trophy for winning the Chainsaw Carving English Open 2017 was to date the highlight of Danny’s already successful career.
Traveling the world to take part in prestigious competitions is Danny’s first love, however he and his father have forged out a name for themselves as very competent and talented creators of big 20ft sculptures, carving together on the same standing tree is second nature to them and have indeed turned many a dying tree into a beautiful work of art .
This wonderful artist has many years ahead and has a great enthusiasm for his art and the lifestyle that it creates.