September 21 - 23, 2018 | Libby, Montana



Steven Higgins

Steven Higgins

2017 Grand Champion

Steven Higgins swept the inaugural Kootenai Country Montana Chainsaw Carving Championship. His piece, “Legends of the West,” received top marks from the judges and spectators, earning him both the First Place and People’s Choice awards. Higgins’ quick-carve sculptures also garnered the highest cumulative sales total, earning him the King of the Auction award.

Chainsaw carving is a truly unique American art form, born from the timber industry. From the first logger who took a chainsaw to a stump to build himself a chair to the incredible works of art created by artists around the world today, chainsaw art has progressed from the utilitarian to folk art and has now graduated into its own fine art form.

Kootenai Country Montana is the heart and soul of America’s timber heritage. The towns of Lincoln County were built by the hard work of the American logger. Logging isn’t an industry in Kootenai Country Montana, it’s our culture, our heritage, and our way of life. It’s only fitting that the heart of America’s timber heritage host a world-class chainsaw art championship, bringing the art form that grew from the timber culture to the geographic heart of American timber.

The Kootenai Country Montana Chainsaw Carving Championship, started in 2017, is a celebration of America’s timber heritage. It’s an homage to the men and women who built this part of the country, one log and one board at a time. Every year we will bring the very finest chainsaw artists from around the world to Libby, Montana, to showcase their art and to battle for the title of Kootenai Country Montana Chainsaw Carving Champion.